Period leave?

After hitting a decade of being under excruciating pain each month, I decided to take a leave from my internship on the one day that I knew I needed rest. I did not expect the judgmental views I had garnered because I felt and thought that it was normal. They all had one thing in…


The fear lurks deep in my mind, Blanketing my conscious and making me blind. For the void I’m faced with next, Irrespective of context. Within me, solitude is all that would remain, I just hope through all this I sustain.


Working like machines round the clock, It’s funny how lazy people mock. Sometimes, turning hearts into rocks. The dreadful conscience that always knocks. We are prisoners of life under key and lock.


There is this huge disconnect. Words unsaid. Emotions unexpressed. We certainly live in a world of neglect. The world of love, only pecked. We leave our souls, in havoc and wreck.


All of these gaping holes, Inside my soul. You can never see, What I want to be. All that I feel, Deep within my heart I conceal. We’re all grenades, Leaving behind no aid. Things that people don’t reveal, Avoid much ordeal. Through the heart no one can raid, No one takes chances of being…

Moving on.

Goodbyes suck don’t they? And more so when you’ve grown so attached to a place that you feel like you don’t belong anywhere else. It’s unsettling to even think that I would be leaving behind such a wonderful place. Regardless of how hard I try to pen down everything that is running through my head, […]


I knew no less of the world than what I had seen; I don’t even know what most things mean. Some days I got a pretty dress to wear; those were days that I got one less stare; but nothing ever decreased the glares; I never knew what I’d further have to bear. After all […]

The Mask

As I stood in the shower, Hour after hour, Yet it never fell together; I waited for the pain to subside, Trying to put up a tough fight; But it was like a thunderstorm after rain, Yet I go out into the world, Putting on my mask, Happiness I feign;

Lost Friend.

To that one friend who meant the world, and then we grew worlds apart.  As I sit to write about you, nothing fills all this void space. I thought that things and people lasted. Right now, I feel far from that. Isn’t it true that things last if you take care of them? I thought…


On some nights, it just seems like the entire world is coming down on me and that I have no escape. Nights like these, I can’t fathom my feelings into words and I have no body but myself to stand by me. Unlike all the other nights that I cover my mouth with my hands…